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A perfect set from one of my favourite pixel artists. Grabbed the Bundle just before the sale ended. <3 <3 <3 

Case! Thank youuuu! You're the best :D

Hey Phil, I bought your pack and I'm trying to use the animation only but having trouble implementing it. 

What kind of issue are you running into? Both sprite sheets and gifs are included for all animations, and that should be more than enough to properly implement them.

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the sprite Animation script; I'm trying to use it for the character and other enemy sprites but having a problem understanding how to use it  as well as collisions, And yes I have used the sample scene as a sort-of stencil but the doc. it came with mention nothing about the script. 

Also what type of animation script is that I've been trying to find others similar to it but no results.

Wonderful asset pack.

Just a couple notes:
-  The sheets for the items & objects are missing, there are only .gif where is more hard to work with. Would be nice to have the sprite-sheets animations like you put on the characters. 
- The forest tileset cames in x2 size. Nothing wrong with that but just people to know had to reduce it 50% to match the rest of the art pixel-per-unit. 

I am building a game with this beautiful art so looking for further packs with more tileset and enemies, maybe a fly type enemy would be cool. Thanks for your great work. 

Hey Alex - thanks for the support! I just uploaded the v1.01 asset pack - should fix both of these issues.

That was fast! Ty :)

Incredibly beautiful asset pack but unfortunately the sheets for the items & objecte are missing.

That was my bad - I just uploaded v1.01 which has the sheets for the items. Thanks for your support!

Hi, very nice asset pack. Will you create more tileset for this asset pack in the future update?



I'm planning on releasing 5 more packs, each featuring a new tileset + enemies. All of which of the same graphical style. If I end up adding any basic, universal assets to later packs (new animations for the main character, new collectible pick-ups, etc), I'll update each existing pack with those additional assets.


Hi, Awesome about your future plan.  Since you will use same graphical style for new packs, I will buy soon.
Additional ideas hopefully it can be considered,  please add animations like hanging on rope and climbing rope would be very nice.